RIP Phil Harris – The Greatest Captain To Ever Sail The Seven Seas

We were saddened this past week with the news that Phil Harris of  "The Deadliest Catch" passed away.  I've spoke of our fondness for the program previously, and Captain Harris was a big part of the attraction.

I suppose it's because he so represented the image of what I've always imagined a fishing boat captain to be.  Brash, rough and determined are the obvious traits I think of and, of course, I'm not talking about someone out on their 8 foot bass boat over the weekend.  What we mean here are REAL fishing boat Captains.  There's just no comparing the Bering Sea to an old 3 acre pond down in the corner of some farmers' 180 acre cow pasture. 

Our favorite episode involving Phil Harris was when one of his sons charged the television set to his credit card!  That was just classic and the Captain's reactions were timeless.

We were also in stitches when Captain Harris explained his technique of watching for crab fatulence in deciding where to drop his pots. 

What a character he was.  His death is going to be quite a loss to the show and we will miss him around here.  Our sympathies to his friends and family.

Phineous Zivick Huntington
February 15, 2010

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